Sunday, March 06, 2005


Our last supper in Montreal, at L'Express, with Jane and Mark, Ben, Wendy and Gabriel. French bistro, including the cigarette smoke. Mmmm ... koff!

They served us cornichons - baby pickles - in a big jar. Tasted good when dipped in moutard.

Had beef bone marrow - 4 bones on end, each topped with an endive (I'm guessing) leaf, toasted baguette slices and a small bowl of sea salt. Mmm. Entree of calf liver, two large slices, one of which I shared with Gabriel in exchange for some veal kidney. We were being adventurous, yes.

Then the whole group shared three desserts: My mind blurs with the decadence - some orange souffle-like thing sitting on a thick caramel glaze and cream, a chocolate-coffee ice-cream served in two thick slices, and some sort of small-cookie plate.

And, oh yes, the two bottles of Cotes du Rhone (Barrera? Gabriel, we better not forget this!) were just superb: smooth, light, warm, with ... oh, they were just delicious!