Thursday, March 23, 2006

Art Center Design Conference 2006: Day 1 - Waiting for the Keynote

I'm posting from the Simulcast Lounge at the Art Center South Campus Wind Tunnel Building.

Free WiFi!

Waiting for the keynote at 530pm by Adam Gopnik (New Yorker writer), which will be followed by a stage performance by Ricky Jay (magician, math-magician?, actor - Tomorrow Never Dies, Boogie Nights, David Mamet movies, etc.). I wonder if Ricky will repeat his performance in 2004, the first time this biannual conference was held.

Signed up around 4pm, walked around, watched the setup on the Main Stage, took pictures (will upload to Flickr later). They've got three huge screens, one to each side of the stage, and one halfway in above the audience. There are three lovely patterned banners hanging behind the stage, and two murals on either side, below the screens. Nice pinkish-bluish ambient lighting, lots of Steelcase chairs (they're really pushing the Think and Leap models), as well as mini-lounges and some high-table cafe seating throw in so it's not just rows and rows of chairs. Altogether, a cool-looking affair.

OK. It's 5. Time to get a seat.

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