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NEW: May 28, 2001
New movie added: La Grande Bouffe.
Favorite TV channel:
Food Network

Favorite TV show:
Iron Chef

TV Chefs I watch:
Emeril Lagasse
Ming Tsai
Jacques Pepin
The Two Fat Ladies (one of them's dead)
The Frugal Gourmet (poor guy)
We gotchyer food movies, SF Bay area restaurants, and recipes right here.
Food Movies
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  • Babette's Feast: I've yet to see this but my wife says it's good. French with English subtitles. Rated G.
  • Big Night: Starring Stanley Tucci in this restaurant drama.
  • The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover: Peter Greenaway's painterly masterpiece of food, love, sex and murder. Starring the sultry Helen Mirren. Rated NC-17.
  • Eat Drink Man Woman: Ang Lee's touching portrayal of familial love with food as the medium of emotional exchange. Mandarin with English subtitles. Not rated.
  • Jamon Jamon: Literally, "Ham, Ham" in Spanish, this is another food and sex movie. Salt pork and tortillas (Spanish potato omelets). Not rated. Spanish with English subtitles.
  • La Grande Bouffe: I haven't seen this but jenny tells me it's "the darkest food comedy ever!" Rated NR/NC-17 (depending on where you look -- this was released in 1973 and scandalized audiences then. Apparently, it still does.). Italian (or French?) with English subtitles.
  • Like Water for Chocolate: The ultimate in sensual food movies. Rated R. Dubbed in English.

San Francisco/Bay Area restaurants that I like, and memorable things about them.


  • citysearch Bay Area Restaurants
  • SF Bay Guardian's Feast! Guide (requires Adobe Acrobat)
  • SF Weekly's Eat
  • SF Gate's Food
  • San Francisco
  • Cool PalmOS app: vindigo -- make sure to choose the zagat database, not the Sfgate version. zagat's has got way more info, and incorporates edited reviews from people like you and me (rather than just professional food critics).


  • Caffe Centro (South Park): Tuna Nicoise Salad.
  • Infusion (South Park): Infused-vodka bar. Neat bar-wall display of jars of vodka filled with various fruits and vegetables. Spicy seafood works up a thirst.
  • Just Won Ton: Cheap good won ton noodle soup. Great eggy beef and spring onion chow fun.
  • King's China Bistro (Daly City): Genteel dining in laid-back surroundings. Excellent, attentive service. Especially like their slow-cooked soups.
  • Koi Palace (Daly City): Sophisticated Chinese dining. Especially liked their two-flavor rock cod and snow frog sweet soup (served in a coconut) dessert.
  • Le Soleil (Clement St): French-Vietnamese cuisine. Paper-thin raw beef salad.
  • Lee Hou (Clement St): Excellent dim sum, lunch and dinner in humble surroundings.
  • Long Life Noodle & Jook Joint (Sony Metreon): best cucumber juice drink
  • Marnee Thai: Cramped quarters, crazy boss lady.
  • Mel's Diner (Geary St): good ol' American diner experience
  • Original Buffalo Wings (South SF): buffalo wings, and they deliver!
  • P.J.'s Oyster Bed (Judah St.): Made two unsuccessful attempts to eat boiled crawfish at this New Orleans-inspired joint. Ended up eating great seafood anyway. Still working on that crawfish jones. Ask for Tod, my birthday waiter.
  • Pho 99 (Daly City): Vietnamese beef noodle soup
  • Rasa Sayang (Albany): Malaysian food by an Indian family from Ampang.
  • Ristorante Mare (Pacifica): best Italian in Pacifica
  • Singapore-Malaysian (Clement St): The closest I can get to hawker food from home, unless I cook it myself.
  • South Park Cafe (South Park!): French food in this SOMA oasis. Roast duck breast.
  • TK Noodle (Daly City): cheap, quick, Asian noodle joint, with duck curry noodles
  • Vietnam Village (San Bruno)
  • Washington Bakery: tons'a basic Cantonese dishes, coconut coffee, tapioca pearl tea, and yummy baked goods.
  • Yank Sing: classy dimsum in downtown SF. My buddies love the sesame balls.


  • Banana Leaf (Milpitas): Another Singapore-Malaysian food joint.
  • Shiok! (Menlo Park): Singaporean food joint.
  • Spago's: My friend is a pastry chef there. She said she's seen Steven Spielberg there.


  • China Road: best (only) Taiwanese in town
  • Dinosaur Barbecue: best ribs and blues joint ever!

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Hainanese Chicken rice
Steamed Fish - basic
Steamed Fish - black bean sauce

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